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Xitron is now the only source for SCREEN RIP upgrades, as SCREEN no longer supplies Harlequin RIPs with their CTP engines. If you currently own a version 11 or older HQ-RIP driving any of the engines listed below, we can help get you current. Please note that PIF interface cards are no longer supported or supplied by SCREEN and are being replaced with Xitron’s USB interface.


For more information or a free, no-obligation upgrade quote, please submit the form below — or call (734) 913-8083. 

We are always happy to assist you!

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Supported devices using Screen FlatRunner, Trueflow Dot Tiff Controller (DTC) or TIFF Catcher:
Screen PlateRite 2055, 2055VR, 2055Vi-S
Screen PlateRite 8600, 8000II, 8100
Screen PlateRite 8800II
Screen PlateRite Ultima 16000, 28000, 32000, 36000, 40000
Screen PlateRite FX870, FX870II, FX1200 and FX1524
Screen PlateRite News, News 2000, News 2000+, News 2000S+
Screen Truepress 344 Printing Press accepts 1-bit TIFFs directly
Screen Truepress 544 Printing Press using existing RIP software

Screen PlateRite Ultima RIP 

Screen PlateRite Ultima 16000, 28000, 32000, 36000, 40000

Screen DT-R / MT-R / PT-R RIP

Screen DT-R 1065, 2035, 2065, 3075, 3100, 5120, 6120 (Tanto 5120, 6120)
Screen MT-R 1100, 1120
Screen PT-R 2000, 4000, 4100, 4300, 4300E, 4300S, 8000, 8000II, 8100, 8200 Niagra, 8300E, 8300S, 8600, 8600MII-ZA, 8600MII-SA, 8600E, 8600S/Z, 8800, 8800E, 8800S, 8800Z, 8800ZX, 8800II
Screen PT-R News, News 2000, News 2000+, News 2000S+, Ultima 16000, 24000, 32000, 36000, 40000
Screen PT-R 8200 Niagra (call for more information)
Screen PlateRite 2055 RIP 
Screen PlateRite 2055, 2055VR, 2055Vi-S 

Screen FT-R Katana SCSI RIP 

Screen FT-R 3035, 3035A, 3035S, 3050, 3050A, 3050S, 3055
Screen Katana 5040, 5055
Screen FT-R Katana PIF RIP 
Screen FT-R Katana 5040, 5055 (PIF)

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