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Do you need additional functionality in your existing RIP? No problem. Trapping, CIP3, Stochastic Screening, Raster PDF Output, and more: they're all available and can usually be enabled through a simple code over Team Viewer.

With TrapPro, Harlequin’s in-RIP trapping solution, you can set unlimited trap preferences based on the work you do. Set it and forget it. TrapPro will apply your settings to any job coming through the Page Set-up and registration problems on press will be greatly reduced. TrapPro supports sliding, anamorphic, mitered, and feathered traps as well as offering small object protection. 



Cut down on make-ready time and waste. If you have a CIP3-compatible press console, the CIP3 plug-in will transmit ink key data directly to the press. This functionality will “pre-set” the ink keys for each job, saving ink, paper, and time!


Color Management is on every prepress operator’s list of “must-haves.” ColorPro is your window into color accuracy through ICC profiles, device link profiles, and global color correction in L*A*B color space. Import custom ICC profiles from all the popular programs from X-Rite, Monaco, Fujifilm, Kodak, and Heidelberg. Fine-tune your color reproduction and take your proofing accuracy to the next level!


Want smooth blends? Are you having trouble with pattern-based moiré? Incorporate FM screening and solve these everyday problems on-press. AM halftone screens rely on complex combinations of angles and frequencies to reproduce images and, depending on the colors and content, can cause offending patterns and objectionable rosettes. Stochastic (AKA "FM") screening eliminates these issues by using randomly-placed halftone dots to recreate the images.

Ever need to send an electronic copy of a RIPed job as a proof? Now you can. The Raster PDF option RIPs your file and wraps it in a PDF suitable for emailing. Now your customers can proof their RIPed content to ensure fonts, blends, transparencies, and other effects have been interpreted properly before committing the job to press.



Streamline your RIP throughput by adding workflow software. Navigator Server offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to see exactly where each job is in the system. Users can pause, re-direct, and re-prioritize jobs. The advanced preview gives you dynamic zoom capability and operators can access all the functionality from their own workstations. No more getting up and going to the RIP computer to see what’s going to the platesetter next!


​Add automated preflighting to check incoming PDFs against custom profiles to be sure they adhere to your printing standards. Using the Enfocus library, Navigator Server’s preflight option catches mistakes long before they can make it to plate or press.


​Ever run a job created by an outside designer only to find they duplicated colors and you ended up with extra plates? Ink Remapping avoids this issue by giving you an opportunity to remap duplicate inks into single plates. Fast and easy, this option saves a ton of time and trouble.

Inp02+ and Inp02 Pro+ allow you to perform the imposition step directly within the workflow. A plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, Inp02 makes quick work of folded or flat work of any size.


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