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Running an older Adobe RIP from Fujifilm, Screen, Kodak, Agfa, Heidelberg or some vendor long gone from the prepress scene? Finding the upgrade cost too expensive or the maintenance agreements completely unreasonable? 

Don’t think you have to suffer the consequences while trusting your customers’ jobs to old RIP technology. Worse still, don’t “bite the bullet” and sink $30k or $40k into a solution that will lock you into a single vendor for another five or ten years.


Tell us what RIP or workflow you have and what you’d like to do. In many cases, Xitron can upgrade your system for a fraction of the cost. If not, we’ll offer a substantial trade-in for the old software.


We specialize in an open, economical approach that gets you the functionality you need while saving you time and money. And, if you prefer to stick with a true Adobe APPE, we've got you covered with Xitron's Sierra workflow.


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